Community Management And
Entertainment Mentorship
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About the Programme

ELEVATE is a programme designed to inspire and nurture youths in esports, specificially in shoutcasting and community events management. It is an exclusive programme for youths that are passionate about gaming and have a strong interest for a future career in the local esports scene. Youths will be mentored by industry experts through a 4 week intensive online programme held every Saturday. ELEVATE aims to equip youths with the skillsets in achieving their career goals.

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Programme Timeline

Friday – 5th March 2021
6.30pm to 8.45pm

Ice Breakers

Registration & Opening Speeches

Saturday – 6th March 2021
1pm to 6pm

Online Workshops

Fundamentals of Casting
Colour Casting

Community Events Management
On-site event roles
Community Engagement + Development

Breakout Sessions

Saturday – 13th March 2021
1pm to 6pm

Online Workshops

Play by Play Casting
Fundamentals of Hosting

Community Events Management
Project Management and Budgeting

Breakout Sessions

Saturday – 20th March 2021
1pm to 6pm

Online Workshops

Shoutcasting Etiquette
Camera Presence

Community Events Management
Esports Admin
Logistics and Manpower

Breakout Sessions

Saturday – 27th March 2021
1pm to 6pm

Online Workshops

Voice Projection and Pacing
Building Your Own Brand

Community Events Management
Esports Production
Post Event

Breakout Sessions

Saturday – 3rd April 2021
9am to 5.30pm


Presentations from the top shoutcasters and event plans. A chance to meet & mingle with esports industry professionals

Enrolled participants will have to physically attend the ice-breaker session at *SCAPE on the 5th of March, as well as the finale presentation on the 3rd of April

Meet your Entertainment Mentors

Daryl Lim

Daryl is a five year veteran League of Legends Colour Caster and has worked with numerous organisations to induct new shoutcasters into the industry.

Gene Hyun

Gene got his start with SIN esports and is most known for his ability to cast a wide variety of games from Dota 2, Street Fighter 5, and Fall Guys. Yes, even Fall Guys.

Jenny Lee

An experienced esports shoutcaster, host and a staple in the female esports scene working closely with Female Esports League (FSL) and GIRLGAMER.

Eugene Eu

Eugene has casted for events such as Tokyo Game Show, PVPEsports, and WESG, with a goal to become an international entertainer.

Community Event Mentors

Yeap Su Fern
Esports Partnerships & Events

Su Fern has 7 years experience in Gaming Business Development specialising in sponsorships and collaborations for top development and publishing companies in Asia.

Jasper Chew
SIN Esports

Jasper is a notable key opinion leader in the International Fighting Game Community (FGC), and has years of experience with streaming and production in esports.

Jacky Ng
ONE Esports

Jacky has over 10 years of experience in curating events for esports. He clinched several marketing awards for his efforts in the Dota 2 World Pro Invitational. 

Ong Sau Wai
eGG Network

Wai leads the eGG Network's Talent Management arm. He also has a wealth of experience producing content and tournaments.

Darrell Sin
SIN Esports

Darrell founded SIN Esports, a production house for online tournaments for the South East Asian region. He also handles talent management of esports commentators and streamers.

Mah Mei Ling

Meiling has over 4 years of esports events experience, curating and helping to build events like PVP, GAMEX and eXTREMESLAND.